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of 10 years said Lessor or her assigns, shall if so requested
in writing by the Lessee at least 3 months in advance of such
expiration, either renew this lease for the further term of
10 years upon all the same terms, conditions and stipulations
as are in this Lease, contained except that in case during
any year or years of said second term, the taxes on said
land shall be increased over and above the rate existing
at the date of the signing of this lease, then and in such
event the rental for said land for such years shall be
correspondingly increased or if such renewal of lease
shall not be granted by the Lessor, or her successors, then
she or her successors in said trust shall purchase and
pay for the houses and other improvements erected by the
Lessee which shall then be standing on said premises at a
fair valuation to be fixed by arbitration in the usual
manner, each of the parties hereto selecting one arbitrator
and the two so selected to choose a third if necessary the
written valuation by any two of the arbitrators to be final
at the expiration of said renewed term of 10 years (if this
lease shall have been so renewed) the said Lease shall
thereafter be renewed for successive terms of 10 years (or
in default of such renewal, all improvements then on said
premises, shall be purchased by the successors of said
Lessor in the manner herein provided) upon all the same
terms, conditions and stipulations as are in this Lease
contained, excepting however, that the rental for said demised
premises shall be fixed and determined by the successors
of said Lessor at such as to them shall seem fair and
commensurate with the then value of said land and it is
hereby specially covenanted, agreed and understood that said
successors shall have and they are hereby given the sole and
exclusive right to fix and determine the rental for said
third term of ten years and the amount so fixed and determined


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