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by them shall be the rental for the extension of ten
years, then about to commence and said second parties covenant
and agree to pay the same in lieu of said rental
stipulated for the second term of 10 years herein provided
for, provided, however, that no rental shall ever be paid
for said demised premises less in amount than the rental
stipulated for said first term of 10 years under this
Lease. And it is hereby declared to be a duty of the Board
of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University after
the decease of said Lessor, to cause this lease and agreement
to be renewed for successive terms of 10 years upon
the terms and in the manner herein set forth for said third
term whenever thereunto duly requested by the person or persons
lawfully entitled to occupy said demised premises in
virtue hereof, or if such renewal be refused, to purchase
and pay for the improvements on said demised premises in
the manner herein provided. Said second parties hereby
covenants and agrees that they will not sell, assign or
transfer this Lease or any part or portion of the term
hereby created, or sell or dispose of the improvements that
may be erected on said premises with out first having obtained
the consent in writing of said Lessor, or her
And said second parties further covenants, promises and
agrees that he will not borrow money for the erection of
improvements on said demised premises from any building and
loan society or corporation or similar institution.
It is hereby expressly covenanted, agreed and understood
that no malt, spirituous or intoxicating liquors of
whatever kind shall ever, at any time be sold on the demised
premises and a violation of this covenant shall work
a forfeiture. The said second parties further covenants and


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