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agrees to pay any and all assessments and taxes which may be
levied or assessed upon any and all improvements on said
property during the term of this Lease, the Lessor paying
the taxes assessed upon the land. In case of destruction
of the improvements by fire or action of the elements, the
same shall be restored by Lessee within 1 year thereafter or
this lease shall be forfeited, if said Lessor shall so
elect and all rights of the Lessee, his heirs, administrators,
executors, successors and assigns, shall cease and determine
forwith and said Lessor or her successors, shall be
entitled to the possession and enjoyment of said premises.
And said second parties, does hereby covenant promise and
agree at all times during the continuance of this Lease or
of any extension of the same, to keep and maintain said demised
premises and all buildings and improvements erected
thereon, in good order and condition and neat and clean in
appearance and to allow no rubbish piles or debris to accumulate
upon the premises or any nuisance to be maintained
thereon. It is further understood and agreed that for a
violation by second parties of any of the covenants or
conditions of this lease, said Lessor may re-enter upon said
premises and take possession of the same and this lease
shall terminate and become void and all the buildings and
improvements upon the premises shall become the property of
Lessor without compensation paid thereof; and Lessor for
herself and her successors in said trust, covenants and
agrees to and with second parties, their heirs, executors,
administrators and assigns, that said Lessee, his heirs,
executors, administrators and assigns paying said rent and
observing and fulfilling said conditions and covenants, to
be by him paid, observed and fulfilled shall and may peaceably
hold, possess and enjoy said premises during the continuance
of this Lease or any extension thereof without let,

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