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T. G. Crothers Geo. E. Crothers




Telephone, Main 798

SAN FRANCISCO, Cal. Sept. 2, 1902.

Chas. G. Lathrop, Esq.,

819 Market Street, City.

Dear Mr. Lathrop;-

Kindly find enclosed herewith a copy of the
form of University lease recently printed with a typewritten
clause inserted covering the objection to granting leases to
fraternities and student associations, which we discussed with
Mrs. Stanford some time ago. Though as I have already stated to
you, I think that University has full jurisdiction over all
students and fraternities wherever they may reside. I think it
would be just as well to incorporate this clause in the leases
that there may be on hesitancy on the part of the University
to hold each member of a fraternity responsible for the con-
duct of all.

In justice to the fraternities, I must state that I
make this suggestion without having ever heard of any breach
of discipline in a fraternity at the University.

Yours very truly,

G. E. Crothers

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