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valet to my husband for twelve
years; to John Kelly, gardener and
care taker of our home in Sac-
ramento, Cal.
cor 8th and N Streets
for thirty nine years, to Ah Wing
servant for eighteen years, to each
and every one I give and bequeath
the sum of One Thousand Dollars
each ($1,000) in gold coin.
I give and bequeath to the
Roman Catholic Bishop of
Sacramento California, a corporation
sole, and to be by him just under
the management, care, and control of
a community of nuns to be sele-
cted by him, our dear old home
corner 8th and N Streets Sacramento
California, with all its contents there-
in, all the grounds surrounding
it and outbuildings, and by them
to be appropriated to the care and
a home for poor destitute chil-
dren from the age of six weeks
to eight years; orphans half -
orphans foundlings of both sex
independent of color or religious
creed, to be clothed, fed, taught
by them and at the age of eight

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