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years placed in a Catholic
Orphan Asylum or Protestant
if so desired by them. I desire
the Home to be called ''Memorial
Home to the Memory of Father
and Mother Stanford. Father
and Mother Lathrop
I also bequeath to such Roman
Catholic Bishop
for the mainta-
inance of this Home and the benefit
of the children under the care of
the community of nuns so to be
selected by him, land, bonds or
gold coin, as my executors may
deem most advisable, to the amount
of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000)
the interest and income therefrom
only to be used. The fund to be
called "The Stanford Memorial
Fund" to be perpetuated forever
in the future. I recommend that
such fund of Fifty Thousand
Dollars be intrusted to the Union
Trust Company of San Francisco,
in trust, to be by it kept in the
most productive form, and the
interest and revenues to be paid
over to said Bishop for the purpose

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Jane L. Stanford

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