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That I, JANE L. STANFORD, of the City and County of San
Francisco, State of California, Executrix of the Will of Leland
Stanford, deceased, do hereby as such Executrix name, constitute
and appoint RUSSELL J. WILSON of the same place my agent and
attorney in fact and for me as such Executrix and in my name
to ask, demand and receive from any and all persons and cor
porations all property that such or any persons or corpora
tions have in their possession or under their control, belong
ing to the said Estate of Leland Stanford, deceased, or in
which said Estate may have or has any interest, and of all
property of every kind and character the possession of which
I as said Executrix of said Will am or may be entitled to, and
in my name as such Executrix to give full acquittances and
receipts for such property to any and all persons and corpora
tions for the same.

AND I hereby expressly authorize and empower my said
agent and attorney in my name to ascertain and fully investi
gate in relation to the condition, custody, possession and right
of possession of any and all such property now or heretofore
held or possessed by any and all other persons or corpora
tions, and particularly the following described bonds, certifi
cates of stock and shares thereof and the interest and divi
dends that have accrued or may accrue thereon, whether in
their original condition or exchanged or substituted in
whole or in part for other or different bonds, certificates or
shares of stock or other choses in action.

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