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California -- San Francisco
Leland Stanford's [opinions?]

Collector -- Ira P. Renkins -
Surveyor of Port - John [T.?] Mclean -
Navel[sic] officer - S. C. Gund -
Navy Agent - Richard Cha[mp?] -
Appraiser General - Charles [G.?] Thomas
Appraiser - Charles A. Watts
Appraiser - John p. Zans
Sub. Treasurer -- Whilliam S. Sherman
Port-Master -
Mint - D. W. Cheesman
Treasurer -
Courier -
Ref[unds?] - David E Turner -
Dis-Atty - William U. Weeks -
Marshall -S.D -
Marsl. N.D. - Geo. W. Bryant_
S[w?]. [G?]nr. N.D. John H [Cohallis?]
Do. S.D. Joh P. H. Wentworth -
Surveyor General - Joseph A. Nu[m]es. Dr. B. W. Hathaway-
Ins. D[ir] Justin Gates.

[Along right side]

Receiver at San. F. F [Hays?]
Re[coster] - Geo. B Tingly - good
Water S. Denis, for met[ler?] & refiner.

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