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AN ACT to confer upon the Commissioners of the District of Columbia certain powers, duties, and limitations contained in chapter eight (Water Service) of the Revised Statutes of the United States relating to the District of Columbia, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Commissioners of the District of Columbia shall have all powers and be subject to all the duties and limitations provided in chapter eight of the Revised Statutes of the United States relating to the District of Columbia, excepting such powers and duties as belong to the Chief of Engineers: Provided, That water-main taxes and water rents shall be uniform in said District: And provided further, That the rate of interest specified in section two hundred and two of said Revised Statutes shall be increased to ten per centum per annum from and after the passage of this act.

Approved June 10, 1879.

Ordered, That under the authority invested in the Commissioners of the District of Columbia by the above-recited act the following schedule of annual water rents is adopted, to take effect on the first day of July, 1891, and will continue in force until otherwise ordered:


The rates for domestic purposes will be charged according to stories and front feet.

On all tenements two stories high, with a front width of sixteen (16) feet or less, three dollars and fifty cents ($3.50) per annum.

For each additional front foot, or fraction thereof, twenty-five (25) cents.

For each additional story or part thereof, one-third of the charges as computed above.


In every case where dwelling-houses or tenements are occupied also for business purposes according to the above rates will be made, and addition thereto, the special business rates as hereinafter specified.

Special and miscellaneous business will be charged at the following rates, viz:

Armories, according to fixtures.

Bakeries, from three to thirty dollars per annum.

Barber shops, first chair, three dollars; each additional chair, one dollar and fifty cents per annum.

Bar-rooms and Restaurants, from fifteen to fifty dollars per annum.

Billiard-rooms from five to twenty dollars per annum.

Boarding and Tenement-Houses will be charged at a rate in accordance with the stories and front feet, and in addition thereto fifty cents per annum for each and every room over and above the number of three rooms in said boarding-house or tenement.

Boarding-Schools and School-Houses, from five to ten dollars per annum.

Brick-Yards, ten to fifty dollars each per annum, according to production. Machinery and horse power extra, at regular rates.

Building purposes, for each one thousand bricks laid, three cents per thousand. Machinery used for hoisting will be for at rate for stationary engines. Special rates will be charged for public works.

Clubs and Club-rooms, according to fixtures.

Colleges, (Law, Medical, and Business, etc.), according to fixtures.

Cows, twenty-five (25) cents each.

Depots, Locomotive engines taking water once per day, seventy-five dollars; twice per day, one hundred and fifty dollars. The building extra, according to number of offices, bars, and refreshment rooms; fixtures extra.

Dye-Houses, five to thirty dollars per annum. Machinery taking water, extra.

Eating-Houses and Lunch-Rooms, from five to twenty dollars per annum.

Fixtures in Business Establishments, as follows: Wash basins, sinks, water closets, and urinals, three dollars per annum.

Florists will be charged at the rate of from five to twenty dollars per annum, according to the size of the premises.

Fountains will be charged as follows: One-sixteenth of an inch jet, five dollars per annum; for a one-eighth of an inch jet, ten dollars per annum; for one-quarter of an inch jet, twenty dollars per annum; for one-half inch jet, fifty dollars per annum; for three-quarters of an inch jet, seventy-five dollars per annum; and for an inch jet, one hundred and fify dollars per annum. Fountains will be used only between the hours of 4:30 p.m. and 8:30 a.m., from April 1 to December 1.

Fountains in stores, according to size of jet as above.

[/first column]

[second column] Gas engines, four dollars per horse power.

Horses, private, for each and every horse ond dollar and fifty cents, said sum to include water for washing carriages.

Hotels, one dollar for each bed-room or furnished room; bar, billiard-rooms, barber-shops, offices, stores, and machinery taking water extra.

Laundries, five to thirty dollars, according to general business.

Machinery using water, according to the rates for stationary engines and boilers.

Mills, five dollars. Machinery extra, according to the rates for stationary engines.

Market-Houses, fifty cents per stall.

Offices and Office Buildings, according to fixtures.

Printing-Houses, from five to ten dollars per annum, according to the number of presses. Machinery in same using water will be charged, in addition thereto, according to the rate for stationary engines.

Photograph Galleries, ten to twenty dollars.

Public Baths, four dollars per annum for each and every tub.

Stables. All stables for animals for livery, hacks, express, cabs, street car, draught, sale, dairy, or other purposes, will be charged for water at the rate of seventy-five (75) cents per stall.

Stationary engines, three dollars per horse power. Boilers without engines, one dollar and seventy-five cents per horse power.

Stores, Shops, Confectioneries, and Warehouses, one to thirty dollars per annum.

Steamboats, according to tonnage; fifty tons and under, twenty-five dollars; over fifty tons, fifty dollars.

Street Washers, where parties use same, and water is not taken in the house, will be charged at the rates from three to ten dollars per annum, according to nozzle or tap, and may be used only between 4:30 p.m. and 8:30 a.m.

Slaughter-Houses, from five to twenty dollars per annum, according to general business. Machinery taking water, extra, according to rates for stationary engines.

Swimming Baths, Manufactories, paper Mills, or any other business requiring a large supply of water, or using automatic flushing tanks, will be required to use a meter, and will be charged at the rate of three cents for each and every thousand gallons of water used.

In charging business establishments for using Potomac water not supplied through meter no allowance or deduction from the schedule rates will be made on account of water claimed to be supplied from wells. Reserve boilers and machinery will be charged for at full schedule rates.

All water required for purposes which are not specified in the foregoing tariff shall be paid for at such rate as may be fixed by the Commissioners.

All annual water rents are due and payable in advance on the first of July in each year. All charges for specific supplies, or for fractional parts of a year, are due and payable in advance of the use of the water. in all cases of failure to pay the water rent within thirty days after the same is due and payable, the supply will be cut off, and the flow not again restored until the water rent is paid, as also a penalty of two dollars and the actual expense, if any, incurred by the Water Department in cutting the streets for the purpose of shutting off and restoring the flow of water.

J. W. DOUGLASS, J. W. ROSS, W. T. ROSSELL, Commissioners, D. C.

Extracts from Laws Governing Water Department.

1. All persons taking water are hereby required to keep their service pipes and all the fixtures connected with such pipes in good condition and repair, and protected from frost, at their own expense; to prevent all unecessary waste of water, and keep the trench in which their service pipe was laid, from the main to the building line, in good order and condition.

2. Applicants for water must state fully and truthfully all the purposes for which it is required, and without concealment answer all questions put to them by the Water Registrar relative to its consumption and size of premises.

3. The hose shall not be used in the avenues or streets to wash off carriages, omnibuses, or other vehicles, or for watering or washing horses. Caps upon the said pavements or street washer must, when the washers are not in use, be kept screwed securely down, and not project more than three-fourths of an inch above the foot pavement.

4. No private hydrant will be permitted on the sidewalk or foot pavement, or in the front area, or in any other place where the waste water from its mouth or outlet will be cast on the sidewalk or foot pavement of any avenue or street in the city.

5. The corporation reserves the right, whenever it may be deemed necessary in order to furnish the supply required for domestic uses, to cause the flow of water to be discontinued for all other purposes.

6. All waste water, if discharged into the gutters of the avenues or streets of the city, must be conducted across the side pavements or footways through cast-iron or fire-clay pipes, wooden boxes, or cemented drains below, and covered by flagging or bricks of said pavement or footways.

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[J.?] Debut & L. Coulon

16, Rue de la Paix, Paris, le [/preprinted] 10 Novembre 1881

Livré a Monsieur Leland Stanford [illegible] d'une peinture en pendant de [car entourage?] [?ases?] [?palmes?]

[net?] 1,000 [?]

[diagonally across other text] [Pour?] [illegible] a 10 novembre 1881 [Jules?] Debut et L Coulon [/diagonally across other text]

[gummed stamp: sepia face in profile, "TIMBRE Republique Francaise 10c. QUITTANCES, REÇUS ET DECHARGES"] [across stamp] [illegible] [a 10?] [illegible] 1881 [/across stamp]

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Joaillerie Bijouterie Pieces D'Art Maison Samper J. Debut & L. Coulon 16. Rue de la Paix, Paris, le Novembre 1881

Livre'a Monsieur Leland Stanford

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Report 46,825

Mon titre de ce brillant en broche forme carré long quatre palmettes ornements et griffes en rases

net 15500

18 brillant 18ct. 24 " 3 @ 3/4 cts 134 Roses


[postage stamp marked "TIMBRE - REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE - 10c. - QUITTANCE REÇUS ET DECHARGES] [illegible] 109 by 1881

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