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This memorandum of an agreement made
and entered into this twentieth day of March
AD 1868 between the Southern Pacific
Railroad COmpany and the Western Pacific
Railroad Company duly represents by
the undersigned parties of the first part
the individuals whose names are subscribed
here to parties of the second part and
George Bearst of the city and Courts of
San Francisco State of California park of
the third part

Witnesseth that said parties of the first
part in consideration of the sum of one dollar
to them in [haist?] paid by the part of the
third part of and before the enscaling and
delivery of the present the receipt whereof
is hereby acknowledged and of the fact that
said party of the thrid part has before
this time placed valuable improvements upon
the land herein after described and which
said parties of the first part are at this
time applying to the legislature for a grant
for Railroad purposes and in order to secure
to said part of the third part his said
improvements have agreed and by these
presents do agree that within thirty days
after the improvement of the value of the
three hundred acres of the commissaries

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