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[preprinted] No. 2

The Western Union Telegraph Company.
Pacific Division.


To guard against mistakes, the sender of a message should order it REPEATED; that is, telegraphed back to the originating office. For repeating, one-half the regular rate is charged in addition. And it is agreed between the sender of the following message and this Company, that said Company shall not be liable for mistakes or delays in the transmission, or delivery, or for non-delivery, of any UNREPEATED message beyond the amount received for sending the same; nor for mistakes or delays in the transmission or delivery or for non-delivery, of any REPEATED message beyond fifty times the sum received for sending the same, unless specially insured; nor in any case for delays arising from unavoidable interruptions in the working of their lines, or for errors in cipher or obscure messages. And this company is hereby made the agents of the sender, without liability, to forward any message over the lines of any other Company, when necessary to reach its destination.

Correctness in the transmission of messages to any point on the lines of this Company, can be INSURED by contract in writing, stating agreed amount of risk, and payment of premium thereon at the following rates, in addition to the usual charge for repreated messages, viz.: one per cent. for any distance not exceeding 1,000 miles, and two per cent for any greater distance. No employee of the Company is authorized to vary the foregoing.

The Company will not be liable for damages in any case where the claim is not presented in writing within sixty days after sending the message.

WM. ORTON, President O. H. PALMER, Secretary } NEW YORK

G. H. MUMFORD, Managing Agent, JAS. GAMBLE, General Sup't. } SAN FRANCISCO. [/preprinted]


Sac, Sept 29 [preprinted:186]8

[preprinted] Send the following Message, subject to the above terms, which are agreed to. [/preprinted]

C. P. Huntington 54 William St. New York
The track of the Central Pacific R.R. is now laid to a point less than 160 miles from Humbolt Wells, & less than 300 miles from the point to which the line was approved by the Secretary of the Interior on the 15th day of May 1868

E. B. Crocker
[illegible] C.P.R.R.

[preprinted] ____ Words. Rec'd by ____ Sent at ____ M., by ____ [/preprinted]


[left margin][preprinted] To ____

Signed ____

No. of Words [/preprinted] D.N.C.P.R.R - [preprinted] Dolls. ____

Remarks ____

No ____ San Francisco ____ 186 _ [/left margin][/ preprinted]

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