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Leland Stanford NY [?] (1873) [notation: 123A]


wrist [insert: Van Hoffman] told gore [insert: me] drab [insert: this morning] that aunt [insert: they] jack [insert: have] written curl [insert: to] Belloc Freres curl [insert: to] see ox [insert: you] about badger [insert: CPRR] indian [insert: earnings] kid [insert: and] when nurse [insert: we] oak [insert: can] varnish [insert: have?] [smart?] [insert: the] balance malt [insert: now] jail [insert: due] bruno [insert: them] + flax [insert: I] said curl [insert: to] bruno [insert: them] deal [insert: our] floating debt peg [insert: is] about [soda?] [insert: three] bag [insert: hundred thousand] of which nurse [insert: we] intent curl [insert: to] varnish [insert: have?] lamb [insert: from?] died [insert: our] indian [insert: earnings] flax [insert: I] think [?] [insert: we can] get bruno [insert: them] curl [insert: to] carry balance jail [insert: due] bruno [insert: them] [bridge?] [insert: here] nurse [insert: we] bead [insert: must] seal [insert: provide] lamb [insert: for] anvil [insert: January] linnet [insert: interest] lap [insert: in any event] kid [insert: and] ox [insert: you] bead: [insert: must]


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Van Hoffman told me this morning that they have written to Belloc Freres to see you about CPRR earnings and when we can have the balance now due them + I said to them our floating debt is about three hundred thousand of which we intend to have from our earnings I think we can get them to carry balance due them here we must provide for January interest in any event and you must