Collis P. Huntington

1868-1869 (2 tel) on travel arrangements; 1873 Oct. 24 (tel) CPRR finances [in code with translation]; 1873 Oct. 26 (tel) CPRR finances [in code with translation]; 1874 Jan. 22 (tel) to Mark Hopkins re value of land [in code with translation]; 1885 Jan. 12 (tel) are you running against Sargent; 1886 May 8 to S. Gage, would like to see Sargent as next CA senator; 1890 April 15 retracts his charge against Stanford of April 9; n.d. (tel) against selling of Southern Pacific bonds


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To Leland Stanford From New York Dated Nov 10 Prest Rec'd Nov 11 1868

Telegram should have read twelfth I can be at Omaha in four 4 days after getting your telegram that you will meet me C.P. Huntington 22 Pass 2234 V.P.

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New York, August 30, 1869

Received at San Francisco, August 30, 1869 240PM

To Leland Stanford, Lick House

I shall start for California the last of this week.

C. P. Huntington VP

17DH Forwarded from Sac 30

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