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The Barton Estate Company Limited
Fresno, California

Strictly Personal

7th May 1889

Hon Leland Stanford
My Dear Sir

When in the City
recently. Saw Capt. [Youngberg?] - Chief
Dep. Iech. Reo. Depart.?] S. Francisco. He
stated he had a chat with you and had
hopes that something could be
arranged by which all growers of
wine grapes could carry on their
business the coming vintage, and
not be at the mercy of any designing
Reo. officer who might take it
into his head to levy blood money.
Hope this may be done - for should
the plan of putting a special watch
man at Each Distillery, be carried
out, it would End in those who
Could not See, the watch - not making
any search [...] at all, and those who
could, risking all there is [?].

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