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no one to [nitroduce?] [some?] or speak a word to [them?] [after?] the between. They [regaled?] [them?] with [story?] [after?] silence - [one?] [kept?] [it?] up. [With?] [firm?] [determination?]. [?] [and?] "[screwed?] [my?] enough up to the [sticky?] point," and did my very best - especailly in the sad parts of the [feature?]. I felt them. When I pictured the baby, dying of cough, I [flatter?] myself I [produced?] some effect [:?] one woman [put?] the corner of her handkerchief to her eye - and one man blew his nose. I enclose a specimen - the best of the [?] [notices?] [?] I shall [?] - feel like [putting?] that up - as I am only losing money, time, strength and temper. Of course I shall not risk [another?] [feature?] in Sacramento unless I can be in come way, [ensured?] [a?] [?]. I shall

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Enclosed is a small newspaper clipping