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to yourself [and?] [friends?]
We do not know whether [?] [if your family are with you?] but if there [are?] [any?] [Ludica?] pray bring them. Lady Hooke will have the pleasure of calling on them when she goes to town but [on?] [an?] [out?] of ordinary day visiting distance.
[Faithfully Yours?]
[?] [Hooke?]

[I?] [?] [some?] card of [summer?] [shores?] that [may?] be [available?] to yourself [as?] [previous?] that [for?] [the?] [?] [at?] [Bruce?] [Horticultural?] [Street?] [at?] [South?] [Kensington?] is a particularly fine one.
[Faithfully Yours?]
[?] [Hooke?]

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