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[notation] Ans.d August 1. 1888 [N. C. K.?] [/notation]

Los Angeles July 30 1888

Sec: “Leland Stanford Jr University„

[notation: 129]

Dear Sir:

Will you be kind enough to inform me by letter or otherwise, if the “University„
will have a School of Technology by autumn '89.

I am now preparing a young man to enter such a school next year, but as his parents do not wish him to go to Boston, but prefer the coast, I have held out to them the hope of availing themselves of your institution.

At present I am following the terms of admission to the Boston school, and I should be glad to know your terms, if you have already decided upon such, or as soon as you may determine them.

Yours very respectfully

W. Havemann

951 South Main St. Los Angeles. California

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