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in use, But there seems to be a disposition on the part of some nations, to go back to the old Julian Calendar, and it is more than probable, this matter will be [discussed?] by the different nations, as the near approach of the 19th century ends. From this view, the reader will perceive the great value of this 1000 Years Almanac over all others, for it gives the Julian, Gregorian, & Johnson Calendars, all in one almanac, side by side for convenient comparison & use, into whatever country they are or may hereafter be adopted.

This invention not only gives the World a plan of measurement practically identical with the Solar Year, but as just before stated, and I wish it reiterated, - it also produces side by side, the Julian Calendar, the Gregorian Calendar, & the Johnson Calendar, for comparison & use, - And also, provides simple means to continue a calendar from the old, into each succeeding New Year, during the whole thousand years, and thus superceeds the need of publishing yearly almanacs, - And further, this 1000 Year Almanac, can be adjusted in a moment, to produce one at a time, all 3 of the Calendars noted in the Index. - And still further, - it shows in each Calendar, every day, every week, every month, & every year, in the whole 1000 Years. It tells the Sun-rise & set, & length of days, during the whole 1000 years, - It shows the Phases of the Moon for every Month, in every Year, during the whole 1000 Years. It marks the date of the Declaration, & [Succession?] of every Centennial Year to the end of the 1000 Years, - It represents by stars, on the margin, the original 13. increased to 38 States & 9 Territories up to 1885. - It can tell you what day of the week, and under what Phase of the Moon, You were born, - It tells the Week-day of any date, & vice versa, the date of any Week-day during the whole 1000 Years, - It tells what day of the week each year begins with, in the past and future, during the whole 1000 Years, - It is the greatest Refference almanac, reaching back into the long past, and forward, into the distant future, ever published, - It will give to our children, for many generations to come, the identical almanac of their parents. - It will become a family relic of no ordinary consideration. - It will save you many long reckonings of dates & the mistakes incident thereto. - Its useful & interesting new features, will be appreciated more & more the older this almanac becomes, - this refference Almanac & the Dictionary will be considered indispensable, as example - What was the date of the first Monday in September 1724? - turn to the Index & find the year 1724 - the index show that it was a leap year, according to the Julian mode of reckoning, & has the letter f opposit & in the week-day column, which letter means friday - now set friday in the slide, to January the 1st on the right hand calendar for leap year, - this will give the proper answer, by running down the monday column

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