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to September, which gives 5 as the date asked for, _ If you also want to know, which was leap-year in the past, & also which will be leap years in the future, during the whole 1000 years, _ how simple, & at a glance, is such information herein given; And should you desire to [assertain?] the Phases of the Moon on any special occassion, in the past or future, during the whole 1000 years, you only have to refer to the index & moon tables, which will tell you all about it.
_ a few times practice, will soon teach you to operate the slide.

Again, is the day of the week wanted, of any birth, death, marrage, battle, dedication, holiday, or other historical event, _ here is a true help for all such information, Reader, Will the almanac now in general use, tell you all such things as these for a period of 1000 years? _ And are they not generally destroyed every year? _ while this almanac becomes, with age, more & more useful, interesting & valuable: _ Again, this almanac has attached to it a 24 hour Indicator, which will prove a great convenience to some persons who leave their place, their office, or their home for a short time, _ it informs [Callers?] when they may expect you back, _ it will be found convenient & useful in the family circle, as well [in?] public as private business, as it is suitable for all kinds of business & occupations, _ a universal servant much used. _ [Thus?]

The double calendars with slide, _ the Julian Calender, _ the Gregorian Calander, _ the Johnson Calender, _ the sun-rise & set _ the length of days _ the leap-years _ the Moon Phases _ the Declaration _ the Centennial years _ the original & added States & Territories _ the Indicator _ the reffered to Rule, _ the noting of the non-leap years according to the Gregorian rule, _ the noting of the non leap-years according to the Johnson or reffered to Rule & [?] _ Are all such short, comprehensive, simple and novel arrangements and tables, setting forth for 1000 years, [now? new?] features of daily usefulness, that a mere glance at them, after being read & understood, conveys to the mind & understanding, what in ordinary ways, require much toil & time to obtain.

The whole is (or will be) printed in different colors, to plainly mark each table, & tastefully mounted with slide, eylet & indicator of metal, on a card 16 x 8 inches, _ & can be hung up at any place desired. _ I contemplate publishing it in book, and [insert: Libray &] Parlor frame style also, such are an outline of some of the advantages & superiorities of the Almanac, over all others now

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