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eminently practical and useful life.

Your students should even avoid these elevated flights of fancy, and confine themselves,

"to things averred and known,

And daily, hourly seen."

To be qualified to be a County Surveyor, Clerk, Bookkeeper, Treasurer, Banker, Merchant, or Intelligent Farmer is all sufficient. To the effort to teach the extraordinary, "the [abstrue?], and things removed from common use" may be attributed the failure to make useful characters, and the filling of society with failures, the effete, incompetent, cranky and visionary, if not the swindler and the thief. Be useful first; and let ornament and superexcellence come where the soil is rich, and they may spring spontaneous. To attempt to train the common mind to all the achievements of Newton, Euclid, Cuvier and Spencer, is to overwhelm the weak, and to waste our money and time on natural dullness.

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abstruse, Spenser