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Europe. I wish to place my name before you as an applicant for some position, for there must be many to fill. I am a most efficient worker in many departments having been a teacher of influence and success for many years, both in the East and South for the past few years. I have been teaching in Washington, as the [doors?] of the [Waverly?] [were?] closed [and?] thought it best to take a little vacation in the far West - I am charmed with the climate - and would like to remain. I am thoroughly devoted to my profession, and [love?] the work of aiding [humanity?] every way possible. I am very desirous to connect myself with some [growing?] Institution where I can throw my whole soul into a life work.
I am now passing the winter in the delightful home of my sister Mrs. [Tozer?], whose husband is Gen. [Tozer?] of the [Finn?] Whitter Fuller and Co. - Mr.Whitter is my cousin - I mention these facts should you wish to make inquiries at any time. I hope sometime to have the pleasure of conversing on the subject of schools in which I am so deeply invested. Hoping you may consider my name with favor.
I am respectfully
Mrs. N. Whitter Otis

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