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Boston, Dec. 3rd 1885
Honorable Leland Stanford
San Francisco

My Dear Sir

Please pardon the liberty I have taken in addressing you regarding a very valuable collection of the Woods of the United States. More than $150,000 has been expended in Collecting these woods, and I have cut from them pieces radial, tangential, and transverse, thin sections, and mounted them between mica 600 sections numbered - latin name, common name and with them is a book describing the structure, qualities, and uses, with geographical and other notes upon the trees. Tables regarding elasticity, value for fuel - [ash?] - specific gravity, strength under pressure, weight &c &c all these are enclosed in a case 25 inches wide 13'' deep 13'' high. Each of the 600 cards would have the name of the University, and benefactor or President as desired and the cost to you would be $850.00 delivered - Collection, Cabinet and Book Complete - I enclose specimen.

Yours respectfully
Chas. W Spurr

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