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[modern? notation: 133A]


San Francisco, Cal. May 1st 18[7?]5

Friend Huntington,

The Territory west of Ogden in great part must always be open to the U. P.

Our only protection is by the control of that road, and sooner or later we shall be compelled either to buy or consolidate. It is a question only as to when it shall be done. And [there?] will remain if not done before the Control of the lines that may penetrate a part of the same Territory from the south.

By controlling the U. P. and the 35 & 32 Parallel lines east as far as longitude of Forth Worth. The Territorry must [of?] the Wasatch from the Columbia to the Gulf of California would be under control and impenetrable to others. I would like to work up to this. We can develop an empire in extent and control its carrying trade. Oregon is gaining steadily in population and if it had R. R. connections from Winnemucca on the C. P. it would fill

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