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Telegram (Copy)

Sept 23, 1887.

Portland Or

C P Huntington Mills B broad St NY

Congress [begin shorthand] hav [end shorthand] directed an
inquiry [begin shorthand] into an [end shorthand] equities [shorthand [?]] on
Gov & RR Co's [begin shorthand] must [be?] [end shorthand]
content to abide [shorthand[ by them as [end shorthand] proof clear [insert] & can not be contraticked[/insert] [shorthand] without [end shorthand] [insert]instead[/insert] Co owing
Gov anything {space} Gov equitably [shorthand] largely indebted [shorthand] Gov [begin shorthand]that ought to take that position [end shorthand] & decline [begin shorthand] to make another [end shorthand] offer [begin shorthand] of [end shorthand] future payment

Portland Oregon, Sept 23/1887.

C. P. Huntington, Mills Bldg - Broad St. N. Y.

Congress having directed an inquiry into the equities between the Government & the R. R. Cos. must be content to abide by them. The proof is clear and can not be contradicted, that instead of the Co. owing the Govt. anything, the Govt. equitably is largely indebted to the Cos. I think

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