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[preprinted] United States Senate,

Washington, D.C. [/preprinted] Dec. 28, 1888.

Robert Bonner Esq.

New York.

My dear Sir,

Your favor of the 10th [inst?]: via California, has reached me here in Washington.

I read it with great interest. Of course in making my proposition I knew nothing of the circumstances [insert] aside from her speed [/insert] which cause you to value Lucy Cuyler so highly. I do not wonder that you have no wish to part with her. There are some animals whose price is in no manner based upon an ordinary commercial value, but depends rather upon

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Lucy Cuyler - a mare listed in the US Trotting Assoc. register 1870s


Robert E. Bonner (1824-1899) publisher who owned famous trotting horses