Correspondence (outgoing)

to J. W. Knox: Electioneer to cover Knox's mare 1886 Jan 25; to RR officials: extend courtesies for Miss A. Lathrop 1886 Feb 9; to Ariel Lathrop (tel): send Miss. Valley Construction Co. stock 1886 July 22; to Pres. Grover Cleveland: support for P. O. in San Francisco 1887 March 3; to J. Stanford (tel): travel plans 1887 May 30; to J. Stanford (tel): travel plans 1887 May 31; to C. Huntington (tel): attitude in investigation by Pac. Ry. Commission 1887 Sep 23; to T. Hopkins: location of new depot; no liquor to be sold in vicinity 1888 Jan 8; to Robert Bonner: re Bonner's horse Lucy Cuyler 1888 Dec 28; to W.S.U. Clement: please give Bancroft some facts on Stanford's life 1889 Feb 15; to Mrs. Henry Vrooman (tel): condolences on death of Mr. Vrooman 1889 April 11; to Mrs. A. Carter (tel): sending $50 contribution 1889 May 31


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[notation: L]

NUMBER [G624?] SENT BY [V?] REC'D BY Q CHECK 26 [Dh?] [1913?B?]

Received at SAN FRANCISCO [4??] July 22 1886

Dated Washington DC [22?]

To Mrs Ariel Lathrop [sp?]

Please send the fifteen shares of stock of Mississippi Valley Construction company you have to me care of [?] E. Gates 23 Broad St New York

Leland Stanford

[ink seal] OFFICE OF LELAND STANFORD JUL 23 1886 [/ink seal]

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