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Office of Leland Stanford
San Francisco, Cal, Dec [?] 3 1891

Robert Bonner Esq
My dear Sir,
Sunol left for the Earl Monday evening November 30th in charge of Mr. Marvin. The day she left I had her walked around and she showed no indication, that I could perceive, of lameness. Had this lameness not made its appearance so that we could have given her the work to bring out her best powers, I am sure that I could have sent her to you with a record of 2.06 if not better. I do not think she was ever in the best possible condition when she obtained her records. For extreme speed horses need to be most thoroughly prepared. Each year Sunol's best time was made in her

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Sunol was one of Leland Stanford's prize winning standardbred horses; one of the offspring of Electioneer.