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you that my own heart is as free as ever, that when she was just ready to start for home I gave her back a ring she was so foolish as to give me the night before, nad that when I was accidentally left alone with her with the prospect of a tete. for two hours at least I went with her in search of other company. Are you satisfied your countenance looks rather dubious. You want to know whether she is coming back next term. Well then I cannot tell she did not inctend to four weeks ago, but lately I have heard her say she would. But her old beau has heard of me and I am in hopes her own sense of propriety together with the advice which his fears will suggest will keep her at home.

But be that as it may next term we are almost strangers that I have pretty much determined upon so good by to the subject as I say to her.

How far things at home? You father says have sold your interest in Bulls Head. All your attention then turned toward your clay banks; no hardly I was to fast Miss P. of corse has a good share of them. Give my respects to Mr also to his sister. And the little girl on the hill who captivated me as you said. Well if she did I must be revenged by serving her the same trick or other, when it comes convenient.

but enough I will ask no more questions you know what I should like to hear about. Write soon give me full accounts of all, Yours L. Stanford

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