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August 24 1892

Pres. David S Jordan

Leland Stanford Jr. University

Menlo Park

My dear Doctor

Enclosed please find approval
of the appointment of Moefs: Steames Murrpley
and Clemans as assistants.

I am glad that you approve
of the system of experiment in Physics rather
than depending upon recitations and lectures. I hope
our institution may be an example in
original and approved methods of teaching.
You and I have often talked together of
the kindergarten system of education.
I think that if applied so far as
possible to the entire course of
education ti will make more profound
and broader scores than every other
system. IT nessacairly developed thought
and with thought comes wisdom.

Lately, I have been thinking
a good deal about the civilization of the
present day and the barbarism of the
past and it seems to me that what is
true civilization and how to build it up

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