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Term No. 1
The Western Union Telegraph Company.
This company TRANSMITS and DELIVERS messages only on conditions limiting its liability, which have been assenting to by the sender of the following messages.Errors can be guarded against only by repeating a message back to the sending station for comparison, and the Company will not hold itself liable for errors or delays in transmission or delivery of Unrepeated Messages, beyond the amount of tolls paid thereon, nor in any case where the claim is not presented in writing within sixty days after the message is filed with the Company for transmission.
This is an UNREPEATED MESSAGE, and is delivered by request of the sender, under the conditions named above
THOS. T. ECKERT, General Manager. NORVIN GREEN, President.

Sent By: D.S.

Received at: L.S.Jr.U 3.44P 3/30/92 189
Dated Washington D.C. 30
To: Poesh D.S Jordan


I have just sent the following telegram to Mr, Lathrop in regard to the board of students. "you must bring the expenses down to the present rate of five dollars a week [is it?] enough for poor students."

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