Correspondence with David Starr Jordan

recommends Dr. Charles of Menlo Park 1892 Jan 1; Dr. Grau and Miss Ames on payroll; mistress of Roble Hall; pleased with address 1892 Jan 1; must exercise own judgment on engaging profs. White, Dudley, Jenks and Angell 1892 Feb 17; payment of professors for outside lectures; steam heat for gymnasium; getting President White as lecturer; finding meteors 1892 Feb 17; suspend arrangements for heating gymnasium 1892 Feb 18; introduces Mr. & Mrs. Morris K. Jessup 1892 Mar 16; will be in Palo Alto in April 1892 Mar 29; remuneration for Pres. White 1892 May 8; faculty appointments [signature cut out] 1892 May 10; ase of Miss Hay 1892 May 11; H.C. Nash to Jordan inclosing recommendations approved by Sen. Stanford 1892 May 15; $5 a week sufficient for board 1892 May 23; to hasten construction of buildings; too many professors and assistants 1892 May 23; sends address in Paris 1892 May 24; (tel): approval of lease form 1892 May 26; issue of students' board 1892 May 26; introduces Wilson Evans 1892 May 29; Prof. Gale out of place in mechanical engineering; pleased with letter from Pres. White 1892 May 29; students' expenses must not exceed $5 per week 1892 May 30


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Untitled Page 31

May 29 189

President David S. Jordan

Leland Stanford University Cal

Dear Doctor:

As regards the mechanical Engineering Department I wish to say that if the assistants are good mechanics it out to be possible to have their services for about one hundred dollars a month.

I think that Professor Gale is out of place having had the chief position in the department reducing him to an inferior one has a tendency to demoralize him and his usefulness.

I understand he is absent a great part of his time. I make these suggestion on account of having some familiarity with machinery and my knowledge of the terms upon which intelligent mechanics can be obtained.

I have received a most gratifying letter from Pres. White and as I think it would please you greatly I inclose a copy here with. He gives us some hints that are very valuable the complimentary terms with which he speaks of you pleased me greatly.

Yours very truly

Leland Stanford

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