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Geological collection.

According James D Dana's Manual of Geology consisting of [illegible] characteristic fossils and rocks.

Azoic or Archaean Era

Laurentian & Huronian Periods

represented by granites, syenites, gneiss and other rocks.

... Paleozic Time.

Silurian Age.

Lower Silurian

Potsdam, Chazy, Trenton, Utica, Cincinnati or Hudson river Epochs

Upper Silurian

Medina, Clinton, Niagara, lower Helderberg, Oriskany Periods

represented by 700 species and varieties of fossils.

Devonian Age.

Corniferous, Hamilton, [illegible] Periods

represented by 180 sp & varieties

Carboniferous Age


Kinderhook - Burlington - Keokuk - St Louis - Chester groups

Coal measures

represented by 300 species and varieties

Permian Period

represented by 40 species & varieties

... Mesozoic Time

Triassic Period.

variegated sandstone - shell limestone - red marls

St Cassian beds

represented by 100 species & varieties

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