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sometime ago that the dealers on the Pacific coast would not handle the book on a margin of 25%. We understood that you were going to refer the question to Gov. Stanford, since which time we have heard nothing and have, of course, had no orders of any account from any of the dealers there.

This closeness of discount appears to have worked somewhat against the book in other places, although of course not to the same extent as in California. We are inclined to think that if we had made the book Twelve Dollars and given the trade 40%, it would have been better. It is, of course, too late to raise the retail price now, but perhaps you and Gov. Stanford may think it wise to reduce the price to the trade to Six Dollars.

On July 1st we will send you an account of sales up to that date. This account will no doubt disappoint you as it has disappointed us in the number sold. The book is selling slowly though steadily, but at the present rate of progress it will take a long time to exhaust the first edition.

We were led to expect from our early conversations with you that Gov. Stanford himself would require a large number. We have, however, never received any orders from him except for twenty two copies.

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