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know anything of the sale of the book except from you and that has not been much. I expected a report from you on the 1st of June according to the agreement made with Mr osgood as the book was announced for sale in the papers on the 28th of February. So far as responsibility is concerned for the sale of the book, I am quite sure it cannot be placed on me so far as it has not been placed on the market in California. The terms on which it was placed in your hands for sale were gone over. I received your letter accompanied with Bancroft's and answered it sending the answer to Gov. Stanford for his approval with a request to forward it to you. It seemed too late in the day to advance the price of the book and as to giving Mr Bancroft the exclusive sale I did not approve and it seemed a great imposition to Mr Stanford to reduce the price to him, but as the case now stands on your statement of the slow sales, and the chief expense of a second edition being incurred I would advise that the reduction which you recommend in your last letter be made to $6.00. I was informed when in San Francisco that Gov Stanford had rec'd two boxes of books to be distributed as presents. The volume intended for the Prince of Wales was to have been accompanied with a note. As the Governor has now returned to California I will write him about it and send you the note of [?]

Truly Yours

J D B Stillman