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[notation: 123.4]

[preprinted] T.T.1. The Central Pacific Division of the Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Company. The rules of this Company require that all messages receeived for transmission shall be written on the message blanks of the Company, under and subject to the conditions printed thereon, which conditions have been agreed to by the sender of the following message. LELAND STANFORD, President. F. L. VANDENBURGH, Gen'l Sup't San Francisco. [/preprinted]

San Francisco 1 [preprinted] 187 [/preprinted] 3

[preprinted] Received at [/preprinted] [facto?] October 1 [preprinted] 187 [/preprinted] 5 P.M. [preprinted] M.

To [/preprinted] Mark Hopkins

Have advised Lion [notation: Huntington] of sand [notation: one] lava [notation: hundred] kid [notation: and] shield [notation: 20] rival [notation: Thousand] baker [notation: currency] ash [notation: by] bark - [notation: mail]

Leland Stanford

[left margin preprinted: Please Answer by this Line.]

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