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[modern? notation: 117]


The Western Pacific, and the California and Oregon Rail Roads

President's Office

Sacramento, [/preprinted] July [5? 9?]th 1870

Friend Mark,

I am very glad to learn that you have secured the Larkin stock. With that out of the way there does not seem to me to be much danger of combinations, you will find on my desk letter from [illegible] titling about the filing of the bill. [Just?] now it seems to me we had better hold still for some proposition from [Brauman?]

When he serves the papers we shall probably find good cause for not answering immediately. In the first place we shall probably [--need--] find it advisable to move for a change of venue. I have [illegible] nothing [--new--] especially new since my arrival here.

Yours truly

Leland Stanford