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from the UP for the track through Echo & Weber because they are not exactly on our line approved by the Sec of the Interior. To me it seems what we can fairly hope for is to have our line to Ogden on which we have worked accorded to us. And that claiming more is likely to weaken our case. We are working substantially along our whole line between Ogden and Monument Pt. From Ogden to Bear River the two lines are generally from 500 feet to a quarter of a mile apart. At one point they are within probably two hundred feet. From Bear River to the Promontry the UP are close to us and cross us twice, on the Promontory itself they will be very close to us, but they have so many lines, some crossing us and some occasionally running within a few feet of us and no work on any that I cannot tell you exactly how the two lines will be. They are still surveying there for a location.

Our work from Ogden to Monument goes very slowly. Our contractors have many excuses. But the real trouble

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