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[preprinted] Office Central Pacific Railroad,

Corner Front and California Streets.

San Francisco, [/preprinted] Feb 5th 1867

Friend Mark

I [had?] a letter this morning from the [Judge?] stating that he and [Montague?] were intending to start [--fro--] for [Benicia?] to determine what surveying is necessary to locate the most direct line to Goat Island. Now my idea is that we should at once extend our line to Goat Island and [announce?] the fact, but it is useless to talk of a rout by the way of [Benicia?], First because the ground is already occupied, 2nd because to cross the Straits [insert] by bridge [/insert] is so costly as to [render?] it substantially impracticable besides if the Straits were not crossed by a bridge a steamboat starting from here would reach [Benicia?] as quick if not quicker that you could go by rail and two ferries. The [Judge?] says [Charly? clearly?] [illegible]

Notes and Questions

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Goat Island = Yerba Buena Island?
Benicia by the Carquinez Strait?