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[notation: 15] [embossed seal] CONGRESS [CAREW. CO.?] [/embossed]
[preprinted] Office Central Pacific Railroad, Corner and Front Streets.
San Francisco, [/preprinted] April 5th 1867

Friend Hopkins

Have got a bully letter from Latham to Morgan, next wednesday Mr Latham with a party of ladies and gentlemen [insert] (8) eight in all [/insert] will [travel?] here to go [up?] to take a trip over the Road and go to Donner Lake. They will want to go up to the Lake on Thursday and return to Crystal Lake the same night so as to return to San Francisco Friday night. I have told him we would have horses & sleighs [insert] ready [/insert] and notify Hotel [Keepers?] so that they would be well cared for. He fully appreciates the importance to his Bank should the arrangement in London be made by Mr Morgan. You will I am sure see that every thing is all right for the [ride?].

Yours truly Leland Stanford

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