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down and gave Carrs obligation for $12500 more in thirty days or forfeit the $10000. M.L. has straightened other matters some of which he would or could very well have done except upon the assumption that if he complied with our terms the trade was definite and certain. We are in honor bound to stand by the trade and I certainly cannot do otherwise than make the trade good to [?] and shall in any event as far as in my power individually. But I do not doubt but that Huntington will approve the trade, in which case we shall certainly have a good thing and I shall be relieved from embarrassment.

If the trade is perfected we shall do as you suggest have a schedule of Assets.

Yours truly Leland Stanford


Leland Stanford,

April 12. 1867.

Surprise that I object to purchase WPRR.

Dont doubt Huntingtons willingness.

My objection is embarrassing &c.

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