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his son - who is now up in [Weber?] Canon. I start tomorrow morning to see him and with Mr Gray to examine the canon.

To make the arrangement will cost big money or a big contract. I am included to make an arrangement by which Brighams son shall undertake to furnish the men and to help push the work as we want it and receive so much, conditional upon the grading being accomplished as we want it

It is no use to undertake by letter to tell you the whole story of affairs here. Col Seymore & Mrs Reed are here.

When I arrived they thought they had it all their own way, Brigham was cold and close but I have I think got pretty near to him. He and every body here was dead set for the southern rout. How to meet this bothered me a good deal but this afternoon being pressed I was able to find good reasons why they would be most benefitted

Leland Stanford

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