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Status: Needs Review

by the northern work. There does not seem any of them to be aware of the location from Humboldt wells to the north end of the Lake. I have not thought it advisable to enlighten them.

Col Seymour told me they expected to be at the mouth of Weberly the first of January. They lay track night and day.

Have Charley double his energy and do what is necessary to secure what labor is required to push the road to its utmost. Any thing less than the utmost that can be done will very likely end in defeat and forewared as we are any thing less than the utmost that can be done will merrit it.

I received your letter to day and feel very much strengthened by it. With tthe knowledge that we can get the iron I know better what to do here. But it has been pretty difficult navigating here and it requires care now to avoid getting on to the breakers, which are devilish close, but I think I see the way out. It is late and we start to morrow at 3 am

This letter will serve to give you my impressions of the prospect. I think that work in Weber will go slow in the [?] of the U Pacific fellows

Yours truly

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