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prefer that the Union people should commence and occupy their line before we commence work on ours. Then they certainly will not be on our line and consequently not on the Pacific RR line. But to morrow I shall try and get posted and things may appear differently. This is Sunday and though I have been pretty busy and picked up several items I cannot see Brigham and until he is seen but little is sure here Charley.

But now as always the great point is to push the track. The grading though must first be done that is not to be lost sight of. Cold weather is close at hand. I felt its breath camping out.

The Mormon men will not go west of their contract this winter but will work east unless Brigham Young should go object.

If scrapers are used between the Cannon and Humboldt wells, then carts can go at an early day on to to the rolling country east of the wells.

Yours truly Leland Stanford

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