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track on it. I thanked him and told him we would let him know when we reached it. He would I saw expect we should make the ssame offer and so I broke in on him. He resumed the subject several times, but I avoided definite talk on that subject. With our idea of grading here and laying track upon what we grade in any event I had to be cautious or else appear to be less liberal than he. Departed with the understanding expressed by me in so many words that we had done nothing to commit our respective companions to anything. To which he assented. He says he has made an arrangement with either W F & Co or the Telegraph Cos and will make none without consulting us. To day I had a talk with Brigham Young. He will do our grading west from Ogden to the Promontory and will not [snake?] our work sees [ondary?] to the U. P. That he will post plenty of men on both lines.

who had uncompleted contracts with him, but did not suppose he could object, to contracting with those who had completed their work. To this he assented as all right.

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