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Promontory Mts. I was so little satisfied with our line that I directed Bates to try a new one. The old line would detain us until we could make a tunnel of 800 feet through solid limestone. I was much disappointed. I had directed a party of graders to be sent out there so that we could take possession of the important points. They were within a few hours of there when we left. The U.P. have sent orders for their men to come off the work at Humboldt Wells and work on the Promontory.

I am trying to arrange to have Joseph Young go on to the Promontory. If he does he will build track where we say. I have several letters from Huntington each referring to taking possession of line to Echo Summit. If I am to do that at this time there must be a formal order of the board of directors, directing it.

The end of our track is now not

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