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railroad situation in Utah, contract with Brigham Young and Mormons 1868 June 9; introducing T. G. McLaren, well- borer 1868 Aug 6; contracts for grading west from Monument (telegram) 1868 Aug 28; Union Pacific getting Chinese laboreres 1868 Oct 21; arrival at Salt Lake (telegram) 1868 Oct 31; wants scraper force organized and barley sent to Humboldt Wells 1868 Nov 1; send message to Phelps to come to Salt Lake (with note from Crocker that it was done) 1868 Nov 3; re Presidential vote 1868 Nov 3; on progress of U. P. line 1868 Nov 8; on Stanhouse, Durant, grading, and ties 1868 Nov 9; 400 teams grading west of 100 mile contract (telegram) 1868 Nov 21; French Loan Soc. can wait; grading contracts; line on Promontory Mts; progress of U. P. 1868 Nov 21; are supplies at Humboldt Wells? (telegram) 1868 Nov 29


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Leland Stanford

Nov. 8. 1868.

Just returned from Echo Canon. Saw Durant.

Union 80 miles from Weber. Mislaid.

They expect to move Gordon further west.

Our contractors will grade east to Promontory.

Fears Huntington const. mountain official line.

Snow storm on [?] mountains, light.

Huntington offer to meet him at Omaha.

Wants daily dispatch of progress.

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Leland Stanford

Nov. 9. 1868

Judged rightly of Stanhouse.

Never promised Goat Island to Carpenter.

Met Durant but did nothing with him.

Union Co. done nothing with Telegraph or Express Co.

Brigham will grade to Ogden City. for in

Can get Tis. at $1.25 each - [?]

Cant calculate on Mormon grading last 100 miles

But thinks he can get some force to grade west.

Look out for effects to demoralize our laborers.

Recd Nov. 11/18.

Salt Lake [?]

Friend Mark

Your letters [?] Also your telegraph inquiring when Montague will be home. As he is [?] home to day I do not send an answer in relation to him. You have guaged Stanhouse correctly. When I was here before he came frequently assuming things in connection with an interrogatory. At last I sent him off with a plea in his ear. He has called to see me since his return. He says you told him we had all made fortunes out of the R R &c. Of course that sounded very much like you.

About as much as it would be like me to bargain off Goat Island without consultation, I remember once in a conversation when I thought it [?] to appear to attach much importance to Goat Island saying that so far as I was

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personally concerned that I would have no objection to the Water Co having an interest in it if the Water Co would pay for its interest. But it was in a general conversation and with no idea of agreeing to anything that was to control any one. There was certainly no understanding about it that should influence us and Carpenter is after his style assuming something for an effect. If the judge had not as he informed he has written to Huntington I should not think it necessary to say anything to him about this statement of Carpenters, as it is I will write H. immediately.

I did not try to do anything with Durant nor he with me. We had general talk in the main. He was willing we should use his grading at Humboldt wells and as far this way as we coud use his grade before he could lay

Yours truly

Leland Stanford

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track on it. I thanked him and told him we would let him know when we reached it. He would I saw expect we should make the ssame offer and so I broke in on him. He resumed the subject several times, but I avoided definite talk on that subject. With our idea of grading here and laying track upon what we grade in any event I had to be cautious or else appear to be less liberal than he. Departed with the understanding expressed by me in so many words that we had done nothing to commit our respective companions to anything. To which he assented. He says he has made an arrangement with either W F & Co or the Telegraph Cos and will make none without consulting us. To day I had a talk with Brigham Young. He will do our grading west from Ogden to the Promontory and will not [snake?] our work sees [ondary?] to the U. P. That he will post plenty of men on both lines.

who had uncompleted contracts with him, but did not suppose he could object, to contracting with those who had completed their work. To this he assented as all right.

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[?] Nev. 16/68 Aug 17th

I am satisfied he can do it.

I think this our policy. We cant stop the U Pacific from grading their line, but we can through Young have our own graded and have it to ourselves to lay track on when we can reach it.

I am giving the subject of this consideration probably we shall be able to get what we want here But the price will be high probably 125 currency -

Charley telegraphs to have the grading done to Humboldt Mills. He should expect to come this side of there with his grader. The Mormons will not work west of the 100 mile contract. I am doing what I can to have others work west and i looks as though we shall have a respectable force. But we must not depend on it. -

(written in right margin)

Do not trust that the idea of demoralizing our forces is abandoned. Durant said if we hire his men he could play the same game. I told him we never did it, that I had refused to contract with his contractors.

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