Mark Hopkins

railroad situation in Utah, contract with Brigham Young and Mormons 1868 June 9; introducing T. G. McLaren, well- borer 1868 Aug 6; contracts for grading west from Monument (telegram) 1868 Aug 28; Union Pacific getting Chinese laboreres 1868 Oct 21; arrival at Salt Lake (telegram) 1868 Oct 31; wants scraper force organized and barley sent to Humboldt Wells 1868 Nov 1; send message to Phelps to come to Salt Lake (with note from Crocker that it was done) 1868 Nov 3; re Presidential vote 1868 Nov 3; on progress of U. P. line 1868 Nov 8; on Stanhouse, Durant, grading, and ties 1868 Nov 9; 400 teams grading west of 100 mile contract (telegram) 1868 Nov 21; French Loan Soc. can wait; grading contracts; line on Promontory Mts; progress of U. P. 1868 Nov 21; are supplies at Humboldt Wells? (telegram) 1868 Nov 29

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Leland Stanford. Salt Lake

Nov. 21. 1868

400. team grading west of 100 mile contract

When will supplies reach Humboldt Wells.

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