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about Surveys and Shops whatever the rest
of you conclude will be satisfactory to me.

You understand it best and will no
doubt meet the necessities of the case, and
that above must be the wisest policy now -

Please tell the Judge that Mr L.
says for him to keep the papers until
he comes down. I regret to hear of
the accident to Mrs Charles Crocker
Also to learn that the Judge is not
very well.

George Aldrich is down here
He tells me that there is a wide
spread prejudice among the Chinamen
against Sissons. This he did not
wish me to mention, but I have taken
the liberty to mention it to you -

Do not let him ever hear of it.

From what Chinamen have said
to me I am inclined to think he states
a fact.

Yours truly,

Leland Stanford

Leland Stanford - May 17/67
As to finances etc.
As to making coupons payable in Europe.

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