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Office Central Pacific Railroad,
Corner Front and California Streets.

San Francisco, May 28th, 1867

Mark Hopkins Esq

Your letter of yesterday and
dispatch of the day before recd. McLaughlin
says the note against Brummagian and the whole
claim against Wilson is very different from
what he supposed when he took it and that
Park must take the papers back. I remember
Park once wanted to let me have the note.
I called upon Brummagian in relation to it
and he advised me not to touch it, that
he was only to pay it upon a contingency
which I suppose was the failure of the
security, [how?] some of these bonds that
[Mc?] has and the 15/100 interest in the
rolling stock of Wilson was the security.

Brummagian will very likely claim
that the 15/100 interest has been lost
through Parks negligence. But I
have telegraphed for the Judge to come

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