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be known in California, so I will send whatever can make up the defect, or work under a temporary appointment till I can become personally known.

Mr. Carter sent me some advance sheets of his history, but they never reached me, and I now learn by a recent letter from Prof. Thomas J. Sawyer of Tufts College, that our friends in and about Boston are organizing a Sawyer Family Hist. Asscn for the purpose of helping Mr. Carter out, by furnishing funds and having Thos. J. - edit the work of Mr Carter. If Thos. J. - is willing to give the time to thoroughly re-write when necessary, this may be our best means to duly recognize Mr. C's labor, and at the same time secure a worthy history. I fear Mr. C's faculties have failed beyond rendering much trustworthy service. It is important, however, to secure the stories of his information as far as it still remains in the [covered by tape]

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